Cooperative Homeownership Opportunities

"I am so grateful that I am getting the one bedroom.

My family is grateful as well."

--a new Inclusionary Housing shareholder in 110 Madison Avenue

UHAB is happy to announce listings for sales in HDFC co-op buildings and soon-to-be converted buildings where UHAB is the development sponsor or marketing agent.  Does your building have a vacancy? Check out our Market and Match member service, which can help your HDFC publicize apartment listings and fill vacancies.

We offer three types of listings:


UHAB-Sponsored Listings

Homeownership opportunities within buildings still in the process of converting to limited-equity (affordable) co-ops. UHAB assists these buildings in finding future homeowners who meet appropriate income guideline. To be considered for any of these opportunities, you must first attend a Homeownership Workshop and submit a complete application to UHAB.

Inclusionary Housing Listings

Inclusionary Housing Listings

Public/private partnerships that allows for affordable housing units to be established within a larger, market-rate buildings. UHAB works with the City and assists private developers in marketing New York’s new Inclusionary Housing Program for affordable co-op units, helping to bring vitally needed affordable homeownership to income-mixed buildings.

HDFC Listings

HDFC Listings

Homeownership opportunities within existing HDFCs. Contact information is posted with each listing; some indicate contacting a representative of the HDFC, and some listings indicate applying through UHAB. Since HDFCs are their own corporations, all decisions and actions involved in the selling process are the co-ops' responsibility. Note where brokers fees may apply.