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Help End Displacement!

Please join UHAB in signing the petition to ask Mayor de Blasio to stop displacement in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. 

A community is healthiest when its hospital workers, store clerks, care givers, factory workers, artists, and educators don’t have to struggle to find decent places to live. 

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File your Real Property Income and Expense Statement (RPIE) Today!
The NYC Department of Finance requires certain owners of residential properties to file the Real Property Income & Expense Statement (RPIE) every year. 

Most HDFC co-ops are EXEMPT from filing the RPIE form, but the RPIE Exemption Form must be filed online.

Your HDFC is exempt if: (1) your property is exclusively residential with 10 or fewer apartments or (2) your cooperative building has 2,500 square feet or less of commercial space. Even if your HDFC is exemptyou still must file a statement of confirmation.