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HDFC Elections

Join us to discuss best practices and tips on implementing a smooth, non-controversial election. We will cover the importance of having proper notice, annual election guidelines and governing tools…

Co-op Vital Signs: Is Your Co-op Distressed?

An overview and discussion on HDFC vital signs. What makes a healthy co-op? What are the aspects and metrics to look at in making sure your co-op is organizationally…

Elections: Best Practices

This session will cover the best election practices for your HDFC. We will talk about how to have smooth, non-controversial elections, the importance of having a proper meeting notice,…

Planning for Energy Projects

Get tips on how board and shareholders can work together to make cost-effective decisions about your building’s energy.

Co-op Vital Signs: Is Your Co-op Distressed?

The goal of this class is to identify ways to fix an HDFC’s stress, no matter what the root causes.

Shareholder Training Part 2: Co-op Legal Docs & Elections

A discussion and overview on the co-op governing legal docs, and steps and best practices during elections.

Shareholder Training part 2

An overview and discussion on cooperative governing documents, as well as election procedure and practices

Resources (16)

Sample Proprietary Lease

This is a sample of the proprietary lease of of an HDFC cooperative. Proprietary leases are part of your cooperative’s governing documents.

Calling a Special Meeting of Shareholders

A special meeting allows shareholders to remove the current board of directors and elect a new board.

Healthy Co-op Checklist

Learn the signs of a healthy, well-functioning HDFC

Sample House Rules

Sample house rules contain information about quiet hours, garbage disposal, repairs, and more.

Sample Bylaws

This is a sample of the by-laws of of an HDFC cooperative. By-laws are part of your cooperative’s governing documents. Different HDFCs have different by-laws, depending on their year of conversion, amendments, and more.

Sample Management Agreement

The management contract outlines duties, responsibilities, and payments of the management company. This is a sample agreement created by UHAB.

Sample Repair Policies and Procedures

This is a sample HDFC co-op repair policy created by UHAB. Your own building may have different procedures in place.

Self Management Resolution

Self-managed HDFCs may find this agreement useful to clarify duties, compensation, and more.

Successful Conflict Resolution: Getting to “Yes”

The “Getting to Yes” conflict resolution method can help you solve interpersonal problems in your building.

How To Increase Participation

Help residents get interested and involved in running their building.

Running Effective, Democratic Meetings

Clear, timely, effective, and democratic meetings are key to a healthy cooperative.

Shareholder Rights, Responsibilities, and Advantages

Learn the rights and responsibilities of an HDFC shareholder, plus what makes living in an HDFC so special.

Delegating Tasks and Carrying Out Decisions

Involve residents and strengthen your board by delegating tasks.

Managing Your Manager

Have a manager, or thinking of hiring one? Learn how to make the most of your manager, including hiring and contracting.

Improving your Cooperative Board of Directors

Improve regular board meetings, learn the duties and powers of the board of directors, and make a cooperative policy checklist.

How does a cooperative operate?

Operating a cooperative takes organization and cooperation. This resource is a guide to some of the basic functions fo a co-op.