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Planning for Energy Projects

Get tips on how board and shareholders can work together to make cost-effective decisions about your building’s energy.

Solar and Environmental Justice

Come explore community oriented solutions for energy justice with Co-ops Go Solar.

Solar and Environmental Justice

Come see how anti-displacement work and access to renewable energy work against environmental racism

Complying with Local Law 97: New Energy Codes

This class will discuss Local Law 97, which passed last year as part of the Climate Mobilization Act.

Local Law 84 Compliance: Benchmarking

Buildings exceeding 25,000 square feet must comply with New York City’s Benchmarking Law (Local Law 84).

Co-ops Go Solar Virtual Tour and Q&A

Join us for a virtual tour of an HDFC’s solar system and Q&A with a shareholder who can talk about the benefits and process of going solar!

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Healthy Co-op Checklist

Learn the signs of a healthy, well-functioning HDFC

Save money on heat: Low-Cost Tips

Save money on heat and stay comfortable through low-cost tweaks and repairs.