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Save 30% on Heating Oil with UHAB Fuel

UHAB Fuel customers spent 30% less than those buying market-rate oil in 2019! Sign up today to save.

Heating season is here!

Create an energy plan for your building

Why Energy? Environmental Justice and HDFCs

Is your building a comfortable temperature in the winter? Do materials in the building trigger your children’s allergies? Is your building located near a highway, powerplant, or other source…

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Can an HDFC Go Smoke Free?

Join us to learn about whether an HDFC can go smoke free.

Planning for Energy Projects

Get tips on how board and shareholders can work together to make cost-effective decisions about your building’s energy.

Solar and Environmental Justice

Come explore community oriented solutions for energy justice with Co-ops Go Solar.

Solar and Environmental Justice

Come see how anti-displacement work and access to renewable energy work against environmental racism

Who Fixes What?

In a co-op ownership is collective and individual at the same time. Come review which repairs are whose responsibility in an HDFC.

Resources (6)

Co-ops Go Solar: Myths and Facts

Do you know the facts about solar energy? Download our guide in English and Spanish, and visit Co-ops Go Solar for more information on renewable energy.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting Solar

This guide to solar for HDFC co-ops was created by UHAB, Solar One, and solar HDFCs across the city for buildings committed to solar energy.

Healthy Co-op Checklist

Learn the signs of a healthy, well-functioning HDFC

Sample Repair Policies and Procedures

This is a sample HDFC co-op repair policy created by UHAB. Your own building may have different procedures in place.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Your HDFC

Learn to recognize the signs of CO poisoning and how to keep yourself safe.

Save money on heat: Low-Cost Tips

Save money on heat and stay comfortable through low-cost tweaks and repairs.