Affordable Neighborhood Cooperative Program

UHAB has developed five projects under the Affordable Neighborhood Cooperative Program (formerly known as the Tenant Interim Lease Program, or TIL). Our ANCP projects span eighteen buildings and 306 units.

Hamilton Heights HDFC

HDFC co-op • 124 units

Total development cost: $20,630,291

165-167-169 Ave C HDFC

HDFC co-op • 24 units

Total development costs: $4,271,526

3603 Broadway HDFC

HDFC co-op • 24 units

320 Sterling St

Rental • 106 units

Total development costs: $9,892,000

3605 Broadway HDFC

HDFC co-op • 18 units

Case Study: Hamilton Heights HDFC

Hamilton Heights HDFC is made up of twelve buildings totaling 134 units.

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