Energy efficiency protects our communities’ health and keeps affordable housing affordable. It’s one of the single best ways to save money in your HDFC.

We can help your HDFC create an energy plan to budget for upgrades.


Save money on heating oil with UHAB Fuel

Learn more about heating system solutions and upgrades

Local laws and compliance

Stay compliant with local laws and environmental regulations

Use our benchmarking services to complete your yearly filing for Local Law 84


Go renewable with Co-ops Go Solar

Upgrade your lighting and appliances

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Read up on energy efficiency

We have resources on heating and renewable energy.
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Environmental Justice and HDFCs

Affordable housing residents are on the frontlines of climate change–and driving the fight for a just transition to renewable energy.
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Co-ops Go Solar

Free technical advisement and support for HDFC co-ops considering solar energy.

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Clean Heat for Co-ops

Get help upgrading and maintaining your heating system to save money.

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