UHAB University

“I didn’t realize all the policies and dynamics that go into governing an HDFC co-op.”

This has been a common reaction among shareholders after completing UHAB University, the free leadership training series for HDFC co-ops. Back by popular demand after a hiatus, UHAB U resumed in May 2016 with a nine-session course in West Harlem. Improving the management and maintenance of low- and moderate-income housing improves neighborhoods for all city residents.

Taught in both English and Spanish by UHAB trainers, UHAB U is designed for HDFC shareholders who want to learn about everything from board development and their building’s governing documents to budgeting and the proper procedures for handling repairs. Trainers encourage the sharing of information among shareholders and class leaders.

UHAB U fulfills the training requirements for applicable HDFC regulatory agreements. Shareholders who complete at least eight of the nine classes will also receive a UHAB Training Certificate.

Interested in attending? Register via the calendar. For more information about this free program, contact Kenny Soto at (212) 479-3375 or soto@uhab.org