UHAB Fuel uses the group buying power of HDFCs to get discounted prices on heating oil and natural gas.

UHAB has partnered with Ambassador Fuel & Oil Burner Corp and Hess to negotiate discounted fuel prices for HDFC member buildings.  Even if you already use Ambassador or Hess, you can pay less through UHAB Fuel. With rising prices, don’t wait to switch!

Signing up for UHAB Fuel is easy; application, approval, and the first delivery can happen within a week.  Buildings can decide to sign up for automatic delivery, and there is an optional service contract that includes emergency boiler service and annual inspections.  Best of all, there is no charge to switch!  Make sure you complete the process by the 15th if you want to start saving by the 1st of the upcoming month.

Ambassador Offers the Following Services to New Customers:

  • Performance of an efficiency test on your building's boilers.
  • Instruction of super/owner on how to operate the boiler and how to perform weekly maintenance.
  • A check of settings on your building's heat timer.
  • Answers to any of your building's heat distribution questions.
We track our prices for fuel oil daily- to compare us with your current vendor, make sure that you compare the price listed with the delivery date on your bill.

View recent prices for UHAB Fuel here.

Oil Assistance Program

While The Citizens Energy / CITGO Oil Assistance Program is unfortunately no longer running, for the past eight years it provided qualifying HDFCs with oil grants of up to 50 gallons per unit. This beneficial program encouraged HDFCs to prepare for rising energy costs by requiring that they spend part of their oil savings on energy efficiency improvements in the buildings.