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Please consider making a donation, of any amount, to further UHAB’s efforts to help residents create, fortify, and sustain their affordable housing.

We are grateful to our supporters.

Shared-equity co-ops (HDFCs) help stabilize communities and revitalize neighborhoods. Ongoing training for shareholders is key.

I was laid off from my job in 2008. Having an apartment I could still afford made a massive difference. It allowed me to start my own business without constantly worrying about my living expenses. Now I have two employees, four clients, and I no longer have to work from home. Serving on the board of this building gives me an opportunity to contribute to my little community here.” --Member of her HDFC co-op board



Thank you for supporting UHAB's work! You can help further our mission by making a tax-deductible contribution through a variety of methods.

Here are a few examples of what your donation can help accomplish:
$50 could help us inform tenants about co-op homeownership opportunities
$75 could support our co-op management training for residents
$100 could strengthen our ongoing technical assistance to shareholders (such as help with building budgeting, maintenance and repairs, or running an effective meeting) 
$500 could provide UHAB's bookkeeping services to affordable co-ops
$1,250 could cover some of the legal costs for the conversion from rental to co-op 
$2,500 could provide a training session on combatting predatory landlords in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, for low-income residents fighting displacement

$5,000 could cover supplies, printing, and publications for tenants in transitional neighborhoods such as East Harlem who are organizing to save their affordable apartments



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By Mail:

Send a check (made out to "UHAB") to

Rachel Christmas Derrick
Director, Communication & Fundraising
120 Wall St. 20th floor
New York, NY 10005

Other giving options:

  • Donate and receive a Crown Heights Tenant Union T-shirt. Purchase here. 
  • Corporate Support: UHAB’s mission is best accomplished through collaboration, alliance and support of like-minded, well-respected businesses. Unlike a sponsorship or a donation, UHAB’s Business Leaders’ Circle provides businesses the opportunity to partner with the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board to promote and preserve affordable housing in New York City. Our mutually-beneficial marketing partnerships are designed to support business-building objectives and demonstrate corporate social responsibility, while simultaneously bolstering UHAB with increased awareness and funding.
  • Employee Matching Gift Program: Certain corporate giving programs allow employees to double or, in some cases, even triple their tax-deductible contributions.  Please check with the human resources director at your company to make sure that the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board is included in your company’s campaign.  If so, please participate!
  • Planned Giving: Learn about a variety of UHAB's Planned Giving options.