Co-ops Go Solar

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Upcoming event! See a working solar installation in Brooklyn on May 29th

UHAB is partnering with Solar One to bring affordable renewable energy to HDFC co-ops throughout the city, with a special focus on the Bronx. We provide free technical assistance and training to buildings considering solar, and negotiate competitive pricing through a bulk purchasing program to secure a lower price. Most solar arrays pay for themselves within 4-8 years and generate sizeable savings on electric bills. So far we've brought solar to twenty two co-ops throughout New York City.

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How does solar power work?

Solar panels on your roof transform sunlight into energy that can be used to power your building.If you don’t produce enough electricity to power your common space, then you obtain that power from the utility grid. This means that when the sun isn’t shining at all, you are not generating your own electricity and will be getting your power from the grid. 

However, on a very sunny day you may produce more electricity than you use in your building. Most solar systems do not have a way to store electricity generated by their solar system to use later. This extra electricity will get delivered back to the utility grid and you will get credited for this electricity at the same retail price that you would pay for it. This is called net metering.

Why should my Co-op Go Solar?

  • Invest in a clean, renewable energy source! Solar panels help lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our collective dependence on fossil fuels (which are finite resources).
  • Solar can dramatically offset your building’s electrical bills. Plus, with city and state incentive funding to reduce the upfront costs, most solar panel systems for HDFC’s pay themselves off in 4-8 years.
  • The UHAB Solar campaign will negotiate competitive pricing from qualified local solar installation companies, making the process simple for you. The more of your neighbors that sign up, the lower the price is for everyone! We will provide free assistance with solar assessment, communicating with your board, and finding financing options and engaging a contractor. There will be roles for community participation, including helping to educate other co-op residents, and volunteering for our contractor selection advisory committee.

 Can’t pay for a system outright? Can’t put solar panels on your roof? You can still go solar with these financing options:

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) - In this partnership, solar company Co-op Power owns the system and you pay for the electricity generated, at a rate lower than your Con Edison rate. Since Co-op Power owns the system, they pay for the installation and take the federal tax credit but passes the electricity savings along to your HDFC. There is an option to buy after year ten.

Low-interest Loans—  Various loans are available to assist HDFC co-ops to do repairs and rehabilitation, including energy efficiency projects such as a solar installation. Loan payments are designed to be less than the annual savings generated by the solar energy, so you will see net savings right away! We will work with your building to map out the life of a loan to determine whether it is a good choice for your co-op, and help you apply for the one that best suits your needs!

Community Shared Solar:

Until now the only way to save money with solar in NYC was to install solar panels on your own roof. But Community Shared Solar makes it possible for New Yorkers like you to join solar energy systems on warehouse roofs anywhere in the city, and reduce your Con Edison electricity bill by purchasing solar energy credits generated by the system. 

Through a partnership between DAROGA and Solar One,  individual  apartments can subscribe to the electricity generated by a large solar installation being built in the city.  You will receive credits to your Con Edison bill based on the amount of energy produced by your portion of the solar array, and DAROGA will charge you 90% of Con Ed’s electricity rate for that power. You will save on your electricity bill, and support the increased use of clean solar energy in our city!




Our Impact


This map shows the twenty two affordable co-ops that have signed up for solar power around New York City. 

Together, the panels will keep 9,500 tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere over their lifetimes, while saving low- and moderate-income residents $4,566,071.