Resale Policy

When you purchased shares in your Housing Development Fund Corporation (HDFC), you and your neighbors became the cooperative owners of the building. With ownership comes the responsibility of managing and maintaining your HDFC. Part of that responsibility is keeping your building affordable for yourselves and other households who will move in after you.

The resale policy of your HDFC will help outline the process of selling the shares. There are many aspects of resale to consider, including income limits, restrictions on sale price, and costs associated with resale such as setting the resale price and flip tax. The rules may also vary for different buildings, depending on when the building was purchased and in which program. These webpages below will link to information about resale and helpful resources for your building.

Why is Resale Important?

In the past 27 years, over 1,000 HDFCs have been created to provide secure and affordable housing for nearly 25,000 residents. Today, as rents and real estate values rise, affordable housing is becoming extinct. HDFC co-ops will remain a crucial resource for affordable housing for communities around the city only if each building is careful about following the resale rules in your legal documents.