Resident Voices: Sharing Responsibilities, Building Community Spirit

“People get the feeling right away that this is a shared environment, that the only way it works well is if everybody contributes to it.”

- David, an Upper West Side HDFC co-op shareholder 



“Everything is nice here.  I’ve seen most of the kids grow up in this building.  We say Hi and we’re a family.  That’s the best part. We look out for each other and we share our responsibilities.”

—Milton, a Lower East Side HDFC co-op shareholder



“I found out through UHAB that we qualified for a wonderful weatherization program.  The whole building got new windows, an upgraded digital boiler, insulation for our roof, illuminated Exit signs, and even new refrigerators for any shareholder who had one at least ten years old.  Without this help, we never could have afforded all this!”

—Gloria, president of her Washington Heights HDFC co-op board


 “I was laid off from my job in 2008. Having an apartment I could still afford made a massive difference. It allowed me to start my own business without constantly worrying about my living expenses. Now I have two employees, four clients, and I no longer have to work from home. Serving on the board of this building gives me an opportunity to contribute to my little community here.”

- Liz, a board member of her Harlem HDFC co-op board